Former Exchange Student from Norway – Bjorn Eikanger Hanssen


Bjorn was a student with our club around 10 years ago. His main claim to fame was his prowess at swimming. He would get up every morning at around 4.00am for practice/training. He was the major winner at Forestville High’s swimming carnival whilst he was with us in Sydney.

Barry heard from Bjorn recently after sending him birthday wishes.

I hope this email finds you well and in good spirits. It’s been quite a while since we last communicated, and I wanted to take a moment to reconnect with you and share some updates about my life. It’s been a decade since my unforgettable exchange experience in Sydney, and I cannot express how grateful I am for your warm hospitality during that time. 

First and foremost, I am delighted to announce that I have successfully completed law school! It was a challenging yet rewarding experience, and the knowledge and skills I gained have been invaluable in my professional life. You may recall my passion for justice and my dream to become a lawyer. I am proud to say that I am now on the path to achieving that dream.

In addition, I have made a significant move from Tromsø to Oslo. The transition from a smaller city to the bustling capital has been quite an adventure. Oslo’s vibrant culture and fast-paced lifestyle have opened my eyes to new experiences and opportunities, while also allowing me to appreciate the tranquility and close-knit community of Tromsø even more.

As I embarked on my legal career, I was fortunate enough to secure a position as an associate at BAHR, a prestigious law firm here in Oslo. The firm’s commitment to excellence and its diverse clientele have provided me with invaluable experience and a strong foundation in the legal field.

On a more personal note, I recently purchased my first apartment with my girlfriend, who also just graduated from medical school. We moved in just a couple of weeks ago, and it has been a thrilling experience for both of us. The process of creating a home together has brought us even closer and has filled our hearts with joy.

And now, for the most exciting news of all – I am getting married this summer! My fiancée and I have been planning our special day with great enthusiasm, and we can’t wait to celebrate our love and commitment with our nearest and dearest. 

In closing, I want to once again express my gratitude for the kindness you showed me during my time in Australia. That experience has shaped me in ways I can’t fully describe, and the memories I made while staying with you will forever be cherished. I would be honored to keep in touch and continue sharing our life’s journey. 

Wishing you and the Rotary family all the best, and may our paths cross again in the future.

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