Living For Climate

The Rotary Club of Mosman is taking a leadership role to encourage its members and the community to reduce their carbon footprint. The project asks Rotarians and the community to make simple changes in their lives that will reduce their impact on the climate. It has developed a carbon calculator that suggests changes in life style and works out total carbon emissions savings. Rotary club will award the person who makes maximum carbon emissions savings.

The pledges made by participants for Mosman Rotary Club’s Living for Climate project will lead to a reduction of 242 tons of carbon going into the atmosphere every year.

People find it easy to adjust their AC thermostat and walk to work to save carbon emissions.
The largest savings come from switching to green power, from not taking long haul flights and from installing rooftop solar.
The biggest carbon savings came from
24% – from Switching to green power 
17% – from Not taking long haul flights
15% – from Installing rooftop solar 
7% – from Having one less car in the family
6% – from Reducing AC usage by half
What did participants find easy to do
9% opted to Reduce AC thermostats up by 2 degrees in winter
8% opted to Walk to work
8% opted to Switch to LED lighting
7% opted to reduce usage of AC by half
7% opted to Reduce AC thermostat down by 2 degrees in summer
6% opted to Reduce waste by 50%
6% opted to Switch to a hybrid car

—- Update —– 22nd May 2021

The Rotary Club of Mosman’s Living for Climate project.

Community Service Director Suri Jain said that ordinary citizens can voluntarily make simple but easy changes in their lives in order to reduce their own carbon footprint and help save the earth for future generations. Examples of the changes are: reduce unnecessary energy
consumption, switch to renewal energy sources, prefer video conferencing to air travel, reduce food waste, reduce meat consumption, etc.

Prichards receiving Award
Prichards receiving Award

Mosman Rotary devised a list of suggested changes and a calculator for people to see how much difference they can make to reduce their carbon footprint. Rotary club members and individuals in the community were asked to pick and choose which of these changes they have already made or intend to make in the next three months. Those who make the most savings were awarded a “Living for Climate Champion” certificate. A public award ceremony was to be held in March, 2020 but, because of Covic-19, the ceremony only took place on May 18 th will Zali Steggall MP handing out the certificates. For Champions who couldn’t come to the meeting, the certificates were posted.

Ursula receiving second prize
Ursula receiving second prize

—- Update —– 19th May2021

Following Living For Climate Champion winners were announced :

NAME CARBON Kgs SAVED/ Year   Award Name
Byron & Rebecca Pritchard 28095   1st place champion
Ursula Hogben 27235   2nd place champion
Catherine Carr 20580   3rd place champion
Richard Vahtrick 14447   local champion
Halyna Koscharsky 11795   local champion
Peter Young 11345   local champion
Clare Stockdale 6813   local champion
Martin Fallows 5332   local champion
Peter Young 5145   local champion
Di McKenzie 4000   local champion
Danny Low 2990   local champion
Sarah Harding 1850   local champion
Marianna Kositsin 19114   local champion
Chris Lee 18270   local champion
Jo Wright 18267   local champion
Angela Jones 9005   local champion
Rex Breen 5640   local champion

—- Update —– 16th April 2021

Winners will be announced on 18th May 2021 at Rowers Club Mosman and certificates will be awarded by MP Zali Steggall.


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In response to Rotary Club of Mosman’s Living for Climate project call, a number of Australians have made pledges to reduce their carbon footprint. The entries are being sorted out and winners will be announced soon.
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