Mondays Speaker – Jen Benfield of Melanoma Institute Australia

This Monday we will be celebrating the continued work we do as custodians of the Balmoral Wishing Well with an update on the work of the Melanoma Institute and presentation of $4000 raised in their support.

Mother, businesswoman and soon-to-be Pilates instructor Jen Benfield has lived with Stage
IV Melanoma since 2013. With her Greek heritage and olive skin, Jen never imagined she
would be affected by melanoma until the discovery of a small mole on her back turned her
world upside down.
Since her diagnosis whilst living overseas with her young family and far from her support
networks, Jen has become a vocal advocate for the work of Melanoma Institute Australia
(MIA); actively promoting their annual awareness campaign, ‘Game on Mole’ and national
fundraising event, ‘Melanoma March’
She has also appeared extensively in media interviews representing MIA, highlighting their
sun-safety, prevention and ‘know the skin you’re in’ messages as well as sharing her family’s
lived experience in discussion groups in the healthcare, corporate and community sectors.
With her natural warmth and ability to convey the complex into simple and clear messages
coupled with her unique insights of life with cancer, Jen’s presentation is relatable, informative
and engaging.
“Melanoma is a diagnosis no-one wants to hear, yet it’s still one of Australia’s most common
cancers. I hope that by sharing my story, I can contribute to changing our sun-worship
culture, and encourage people to pay a little extra attention to the skin they’re in – I’ve seen
first-hand how the smallest change in a mole can have the biggest impact on your life.”

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Mon Apr 22 , 2024
Ross and James represented our club at an Anzac Day ceremony at the Cenotaph. A wreath was presented by President James: President James also laid a wreath at the ANZAC day Dawn Service at Georges Heights:
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