Pacific Dermatology Project

Pacific Dermatology is an Australian not-for-profit, working to improve skin health in the South Pacific, by supporting the education of specialist skin doctors. PDL is led by Australian dermatologist Dr Margot Whitfeld who has been visiting Fiji since 2003, conducting research and treating dermatological conditions. It is a project with commendable aims and has already achieved success and recognition from the government of Fiji.

Dr Margret Whitfield Pacific Dermatology
Dr Margret Whitfield, Pacific Dermatology

Pacific Dermatology’s mission is to improve skin health in the Pacific by increasing the number of specialist dermatologists. Currently there are only three dermatologists living and practicing in the South Pacific.

Mosman Rotary Club has made a donation of  $5000 to Pacific Dermatology to support its good work in Fiji.


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