Rotary Awards at Redlands

As part of our clubs program to give awards to graduating students of local schools who have been recommended for their community service, Halyna and David arranged 3 awards at Redlands. Below is a letter received by President James from one of the awardees:

Hi Mr Humphery, I’m Lachie. Today (5/12/23) you gave me the award for the certificate of appreciation at redlands this morning. It has been such a honour for all my hard work to be acknowledged. I have never considered my effort in any way to be anything but playing my part, instead one of the most highly looked upon charities has seen me as someone who is a (according to the award) ‘inspiration and a role model’. This has absolutely made all of the hard work and effort feel just that bit more rewarding. This afternoon however I was doing some work and I get a call from a mate who is mates with one of the other reward recipients with great excitement and urgency, he harasses me over the phone to look at the unsuspecting envelope that was attached to the award. I search around and open the envelope with such surprise that the award wasn’t the only prize that I had received… Mr Humphery, you and your clubs generosity is simply incredible. This years Christmas presents will be just that bit more exciting for the family! I have never considered that what I do for my community is something this praised upon, so again I thank you and your club once more time. Kind regards -Lachie (The one with ‘high energy’)

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